Tactical Bungee Dog Leash

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Made from durable 1000D nylon, this heavy duty leash pairs perfectly with our tactical dog collars for training or field work.

In our efforts to provide active dogs and their friends with high-quality, field-tested gear, we have decided to add this heavy duty bungee dog leash to our collection to compliment the tactical dog collars.

This leash features a bungee for expansion under resistance which can be helpful in certain applications, or when training a younger working dog. The bungee resistance helps dissipate the force applied should the dog lunge, which ensures a safer environment for both the handler and the dog.

The bungee also means there is less hanging slack in the leash, which makes this leash style helpful for certain activities where that extra slack might pose a problem. 

The leash features a handle at the end of the leash, and an additional handle down near the attachment point, which makes adjusting the leash length simple and intuitive. The second handle allows close control of the pup in any environment where that might be a priority. 

This highly durable 1000D nylon material is flexible, pliable, wear-resistant, fast-drying, and relatively light weight.



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