Healthy Living on a Budget for You and Your Pets

A healthy lifestyle is paramount in building and maintaining a happy balance for you and your pet. Diet and regular exercise are just as important for your pup as they are for you. However, many people are under the misconception that living and eating healthily costs more than living the average lifestyle. The truth is that while making healthy choices can be expensive, you can live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the budget. Working out at home, learning to cook healthy meals, or eating a raw diet are just a few ways to save money while living healthily.

Monetizing Your Healthy Lifestyle

If you're concerned about living healthily while watching your budget, you're far from alone. Many people are reassessing their lifestyles and working toward healthier living all while counting pennies. The great news about this is that there are ways to network with others, share your journey and even make money to support your new lifestyle along the way.
Start by thinking about what you're doing to make a change and ways you could share it with others to swap tips and tricks for savings. Maybe you could start a blog on working out from home, eating less meat, or using free and low-cost health apps to monitor lifestyle changes. As you discover your wellness passion, you can offer savings codes and sponsorships to those following your journey. 
Your decision to share your health journey with others could be healthy for your wallet, too. Structuring your business as an S corp offers self-employment tax savings and the ability to claim losses as tax deductions. You can avoid attorney fees by completing the paperwork yourself or using a formation service.

Healthy Savings

As you begin to work on a blog or a similar platform, you'll want to design a logo that creates a strong first impression. Whether you're opening a yoga studio, offering digital content on healthy living, or selling sports gear through affiliate marketing, you'll want a logo that represents your health passion and sets you apart. Try using a logo maker with its assortment of icons, colors, fonts and styles to design a creative logo that represents you and the product or service you're promoting. Investing in your brand and working from home helps you save money on a daily commute.
But don't stop there. Consider swapping gym memberships for walks around the neighborhood. Eat in instead of dining out, and learn a few new healthy recipes. Find a family member or friend willing to partner up to share ideas and even join you in a new, active interest, such as jogging or gardening. 

Nature and Pets 

As you begin to build new healthy routines around your wellness passion, your pets will benefit too. From hiking to jogging to doggy yoga, finding healthy hobbies that you can do with your pets can make your work-outs feel more like playtime. They’ll thank you for those extra nature walks and hikes. Like the team at DOGPAK, you may find you enjoy your healthy habits more with your pet by your side. 

Striking Balance

Living healthily doesn't have to break the bank. By monetizing your healthy lifestyle, working from home and cooking at home, you'll be well on your way to a better quality of life and peace of mind. As you begin creating new routines, exploring nature and even taking your furry best friend along, feel free to visit the DOGPAK Blog, where you can find more information on dog-friendly activities and outdoor K9 gear that makes those nature hikes easier and all the more fun!

What healthy habits do you like to share with your pets? Let us know, and feel free to send some photos to be featured on the DOGPAK Instagram page ( @thedogpak ). We love to see people enjoying the outdoors, being active, and playing with their pups!

*Article by Sheila Johnson: Now that self-care is a daily priority, Sheila spends time with friends, goes on weekly dates with her husband, takes yoga classes, practices meditation, and hits the gym.

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