Who We Are

We are a family-run business dedicated to helping other people who enjoy the outdoors develop deeper bonds with their pups through adventure and travel. From tips and tricks for travel to swashbuckling stories of adventures past, we want more people to experience the kind of indescribable bond we share with our dogs. 

DOGPAK founders and their dog standing in front of the Foroglio Waterfall in the Bavona Valley in Switzerland during autumn

Our Story

I suppose the story begins 12 years ago when I met a little yellow hound dog at a rescue center. I named him Thunder. He was just a puppy then, and I guess I was still a pup too in a way. There is no way I could have foreseen the whirlwind of adventures that would unfold in our future.
The story of DOGPAK begins with the story of Thunder the Wonder Dog. My pup. My best friend. My hero. We have traveled the world together to something like 30 countries over the last 12 years, and the bond we share is indescribable. We have been through it all: rattlesnake bites and bear attacks, barbed wire stitches and raccoon battles, two mad motorcycle rallies and countless camping trips. And too many skunk incidents. He is a farm dog, a Mountain Cur: he is happiest when he is outside exploring, and I have tailored my lifestyle to make him happy. We worked on huge cattle ranches in the American West together, and beautiful sustainable farms where Thunder would make friends with all the animals (except the raccoons, never the raccoons). I have always sought work outdoors where Thunder would be free to roam the way an outdoor dog like him should be able to. There are so many stories to tell, and I hope to use the DOGPAK blog to tell some of my favorite Thunder stories in more depth, so be sure to check back in periodically. For now, I’ll just explain how we got here.

You can imagine after 12 years, 45 states, 30 countries, and 3 continents together, Thunder and I have a special relationship. It is one of the things I am most proud about in my life, and I wanted to find a way to help other people develop that kind of bond with their dogs.
What are the building blocks of a bond like that? Memories. Memories are important, and boy do I have memories with old Thunder. Memories of what, though? Some of my favorite memories with Thunder come from our myriad adventures together. Hiking volcanoes in Nicaragua, camping in the Alps, training mustangs in the Teton Wilderness in Wyoming, packing mules through bear country in the Sierras, old cowboy ranches spanning 40,000 acres in Arizona, hidden ruins in the Huayhuash mountains of Peru. The best memories I have with Thunder are of our many epic adventures together. They come from traveling and exploring the great outdoors.
That is where DOGPAK comes in. I wanted to create a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping other people develop those kinds of memories with their dogs. There is a lot more to traveling with a dog than just buying the ticket and taking the ride. That is why DOGPAK strives to provide useful gear and content about all things related to adventuring with your dog. Whether it is another entertaining story from the Adventures of Thunder the Wonder Dog or a how-to article detailing tips and tricks for training your puppy, DOGPAK intends to be a one-stop shop for K9 adventuring. 
In addition to providing content, we are currently working on a line of products that will make it easier for you to get outdoors and start exploring with your pup! We are gearing up to launch our new daypack for dogs: a waterproof, ultralight, form-fitting dog backpack that offers some key features and an aesthetic that we believe improves on what is currently available. 
At DOGPAK, our primary goal is to help more people get outside to play with their pups. Here’s to your next legendary adventure and the memories we will continue to make as we keep growing and exploring with our dogs. So give your dog a hug, go on a nice hike, and remember to be grateful for all the joy and love our dogs bring us. 
Welcome to the DOGPAK. 
We'll see you on the trail, 

-Devin, Peggy, & Thunder

DOGPAK founders hiking with their dog wearing a K9 backpack in the Swiss Alps 



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