Designing the Most Reflective Dog Backpack on the Market

Veterans of hiking and camping with our dogs likely know the importance of putting something reflective on your pup, especially at night time. Maybe you learned the hard way, like I did more than once when Thunder managed to wander off into the night, sniffing and snooping in his element, while I fumbled with a headlamp and a recalcitrant tent tarp.

Trust me, it's not fun to suddenly look up and realize your pup has wandered into the dark forest unequipped with a light, a bell, or something reflective. Since then, I have always made sure to outfit him with something that would make finding him much easier, especially in the dark. 

That's why, when it came time to design our new K9 backpack, the Moab Lite, I was sure to make it as reflective as reasonably possible. The initial prototypes included two reflective stripes on each side, and our reflective DOGPAK favicon on the chest. Still, I felt it wasn't enough. For the next prototype, we decided to use reflective trimming outlining the whole harness. This really made our dog backpack pop, and it looked great. 

The final touch would be substituting the original nylon fabric used for an even more robust, yet lighter weight alternative: a waterproof ROBIC nylon ripstop that uses reflective reinforcement threads sewn into the pattern itself. The result proved to be a high-quality, ultralight backpack for dogs that would catch the light and reflect at every angle, making it so much easier to spot your pup on the trail or around the campsite. I felt this was a critical step in adding a measure of safety for your pup and also your own peace of mind.

Take a look at our latest prototype below:

We are super excited about this new waterproof ROBIC fabric. Something about the old fabric used on previous prototypes just didn't seem right to me. Instead, we searched far and wide for a new innovative fabric that would not only make the base weight of the pack lighter, but add durability and style as well. In seeing this fabric in action, I finally felt like we had found the kind of pack design I had first envisioned when designing this new dog backpack. 
Weighing in at 100 grams lighter than our previous prototype, and reinforced with ultra-durable Kevlar threading, this new fabric combines innovation with durability in proportions that make it an ideal choice for our new Moab Lite K9 backpack.
The addition of this new fabric combined with our reflective stripes and trimming make this ultralight, slimmer-fitting dog harness and backpack the most reflective on the market. This design ups the standard for outdoor K9 gear and puts it on par with what we expect from our own outdoor equipment. 

Personally, I need to be able to trust in the capabilities of my own outdoor gear, and I expect to find those same standards in the outdoor gear my pup, Thunder, uses. This new harness/daypack provides that added measure of safety and peace of mind. And in addition, it is still the only waterproof and ultralight pack on the market. The design for the Moab Lite K9 daypack just got even better, so be sure to sign up today to secure yours, and take a look at our Indiegogo page where we are still accepting preorders!
Thank you everyone, and have a happy new year full of fresh adventures with your own DOGPAK

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